Alternative Browsers Based On Google Chrome

You are in dilemma which web browser to install on your computer  that does not spy and track user’s activities. Having a long list of web browser other than Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Browser is based on open source chromium project that means anyone can modify chromium’ source code to build their own web browser. All web browser are made in chromium open source project. Alternative web browser is designed to keep focus on privacy, security,social networking and other additional benefits.So you are in search for browsers having such features,  Stop your search for preparing web browser list, we prepared best internet web browser list that suits your need like having high browsing speed  and provide better security and privacy.

Comodo Dragon

Comodo a renowned name in Antivirus and other Internet security programs. Comodo launched it’s own ” High Security and privacy” Web browser Comodo Dragon. Based on chromium technology and blended with chrome features like speed plus Comodo security system.

Comodo Dragon Browser alternative to google chrome

Comodo Dragon offers Secure DNS Servers that protect from harmful websites indicates as spams or virus distributor. You can enable or disable DNS servers during installation of Comodo Dragon.

comodo dragon secure DNS servers

It offers Comodo’s Site Inspector Tool on the tool bar that you can use to scan the current website.

SRware Iron

Iron browser is a modified version of Google chrome web browser. Iron Browser is better for security, privacy and having speed

browsing. SRware modified open source code of chromium project and made user and privacy friendly browser. It deleted all the following functions from chromium code like Timestamp, client-ID, Google upadter and URL Tracker.

SRware alternative web browser


Iron Web Browser can be used on all the operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac.


CoolNovo is a new name of Chrome plus. Some new additional features has been added to it like Super drag, Mouse gesture, IE Tab and etc.  You can run Inter net Explorer in a Tab.

CoolNovo alternative Web Browser


It has in built  download manager to download anything from the internet while surfing in the CoolNovo browser.


New internet browser and built  on the same chrome platform . RockMelt is designed in a compatible way with chrome extensions

add-ons. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter has been incorporated with this browser. Installing RockMelt on your

computer take to log in with Facebook.

RockMelt alternative web browser


Facebook notification at the top of screen is shown. Strong emphasis given it’s integration with social media like Facebook.

RockMelt alternative browser to google chrome


You can chat with your Facebook friends on the right side of the browser. RockMelt has high security features and ensures complete safety while browsing.


Chromium alternative to google chrome

It is an open source chrome browser and Google Chrome itself is based on chromium. It is safe browser for those who spend time on internet. It does not have features like chrome including Google updater, Flash plugin and non free codes like MP3 and AAC. You have to update chrome yourself.

Google Chrome Portable

The modified version of Google chrome is Google Chrome Portable that can be installed on a USB Flash drive.It is Portable app and can detect Portable Apps dot com  installation when a drive is plugged in.

Alternative Browsers Based On Google Chrome


These  are 6 Alternative Browsers based on Google Chrome, which one internet browser you download or which one you are using or which one you prefer. Let  share with us in comments.

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