Android Smartwatch For Women

Android Smartwatch For Women

Though Time is precious through the course of human history, and to measure the accuracy of time was important. A lot of work was done for time accuracy, a long history is behind this watch what we have today.  Not taking you too back in the history of the watch, but like to refresh your memory, who is the inventor and a tribute is due to him.  Before shedding the light on the other aspect. I think to mention him is to honour him for the work which makes our work organised and time-bound.  It is said Peter Henlein a locksmith and clockmaker of Nuremberg, Germany, is considered as the inventor of the watch. According to Wikipedia,  first wristwatches were used by the military men at the end of the 19th century.  As most of us either heard or seen grandfather pocket watches which were fashionable among the nobility of the time. These were sometimes worn as pendants or attached to clothing.  Anyways these are all memories now and going into this not only take us back but also reminds us how time has passed and spend.

Let us come to the present. Time changed, its effects come on everything and on the watches also. Be the design, style and the technology.  Android platform has changed everything, the pace with which it is entering in every sphere of life has changed the definition. Among them is our Wristwatches, android upgraded it to a smartwatch or you may call it an Android watch.  Now in this super fasting tech age technology has blended with fashion. Smartwatch is not only stylish, useful but has worth not only for men but for the modern lady. With the blend of technology, you can have a valuable information at your wrist. From phone to emails, other messages, notification and lot more.  We Compiled the guide for you on a smartwatch for Women based on design, style and functions.

Kate Spade smartwatch for Women


Yes, first ever ladies smart watch present by Kate Spade. A charming, authoritative dial to fit your look.  The display dial is 41.5 mm with customise option on the dial that is important to you.  The signature scallop case made it more distinctly. An exclusive loaded app watch allows you to match your dial to your outfit. So simple by just tap on the icon spade to enter your choice that you have wear be it jewellery, handbags and outfit colours. This app helps you to choose the dial of watch accordingly. To make it more fashionable download an app from play store and have the latest and greatest on your feminine smartwatch.On functionality  Smartphone Notifications, You can get Get alerts for calls, messages, social media, and weather updates with clever animations. The watch is iPhone and Android compatible. Watch is water Resistance,  Case Colour is Gold, band material is leather calfskin, band length is Women’s Standard.

Fossil Gen 3 Q Venture Smartwatch


Perfect stylish for women’s best android watch with the combination of design, compatibility and functionality. With fossil Gen 3 Q you can track your everyday accomplishments: steps, distance and calories burned.


Moreover, you can stay connected with display notifications and touchscreen functionality for texts, calls and emails. What is happening You can get updates on the wrist by using Bluetooth and Wear OS by Google connects your watch and smartphone. Having the options of interchangeable straps that fit you.  On battery life, This wearable has an estimated 24-hour battery life, based on usage. There 75 customers reviewed this watch on Amazon and almost 46% rated it 5 stars. Before going for this click on the link Below so that your choice get consolidated.




Nokia | Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch 

For health-conscious People, this smartwatch is meant. Those who are apprehensive to wear gadgets on their wrist. The Nokia Steel is the perfect choice for them. It’s look is like a regular watch with a circular display and dial has an analogue face.  It has a metallic design with silicone colour and woven leather strap option.

Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

Take its feature on an account,  Monitors heart rate in workout mode to optimize training, and monitor daily and overnight heart rate to improve health over time.  Automatically track walk, run, swim, distance & calories burned. It has sleep monitoring tracker: Sleep cycle analysis (light and deep sleep) plus silent vibrating alarm with Smart Wake-Up which helps you wake up at the best point in your sleep cycle



It is Water resistant and Sports band specially designed for the Nokia Steel with adjustable strap. We Just checked reviews on Amazon on watch, More than 150 reviewed the product. Suggest you go through reviews by click on the below link so that before buying you get the first-hand user experience on the product.

Michael Kors Access Women’s Android Smart Watch

Modern glamour blended with next-generation technology. The watch is designed simple slime with rose tune gold plating with interchangeable straps.




Features of Michael Android Smart Watch for women is around  AMOLED Display with an active-matrix organic light-emitting diode. Having touchscreen functionality and multiple display faces offer endless options to customize and suit your style.  Built-in fitness tracking. Voice-activated Google and powered with Smart help From Google.


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