Application of Android Technology in Cars

Computer applications are redefining many sectors of life. Key among the sectors that are undergoing major changes due to computer applications is the automotive industry. Computer applications are making drivers and passengers of vehicles experience comfortable rides apart from other advantages that come with the technology such improving the security of the vehicle. One of these computer applications that are changing the automotive industry is the Android Technology. Android technology has a wide application in Cars. The application of android technology in cars are;

1. Car tracking

The days when cars were stolen and are gone forever, are gone due to application of android technology on cars. Android technology has enable cars to be installed with gadgets that sense the location of a car at a particular time using Google map and this application has greatly reduced theft of vehicles in the world because if you steal a vehicle wherever you take that vehicle will be known thanks to android application on the vehicle.

2. Automatic self-driving cars

Android has made it possible for cars to drive themselves from point to point without being driven by anyone. This android application has enabled a person to drive a car at the comfort of his home by just sending driving commands by android and the vehicle response perfectly. This application has greatly help in wars to deliver food to the victims of war without having to send somebody and risk his life also solders can fight at the comfort of their barracks by just sending war cars and driving them by aid of android application.

3. Automatic response to danger

Android has enables cars to response swiftly to dangers even when the driver has not noticed. A GOOD is automatic breaking of a car when it nears an object .this has been made possible by android also due to android application cars stops by itself when fuels are below limits or when fire erupts from at any part of the car. These android applications have actually helped a lot in saving loss of life due to negligence or errors of drivers. Android has enable proper maintenances of cars because it just automatic say the time of carrying out the repair of the car and also helps in detecting points of repair.

4. Locking of cars

Locking of cars has been made automatic thanks to android. Android technology has introduced locks that are sensitive to any stranger such that when a stranger comes near a vehicle it raises alarm to the owner. This application has greatly improved the security of cars because the owners of cars are notified when the security of the car is threatened and they can respond swiftly to secure the car.
The android application have greatly help the automotive industry to develop car models that are secure and effectively perform the transportation of goods and people from place to place with no accidents which destroys the goods and kill or injures the passengers. Dsa practical have confirmed the importance of android application on cars.



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