Best App For Samsung Galaxy S3

You invested  hard earned money in buying Samsung Galaxy S3, with new power packed features. Now you are looking to download best app on your Samsung galaxy S3.  We have prepared  a list of  best app for Samsung galaxy S3 that not only add new features to your galaxy S3 but make it more awesome.

1. InstagramInstagram: With this revolutionary photo sharing app, You can share your photos with family and friends. Samsung Galaxy S3 best photo features and you want to also S3′  8MP camera with super speedy response times. Instagram is the right choice of app for your S3. Take a photo then choose a filter to transform as you like then post it on Instagram and share it on your social media sites.

Best App For Samsung Galaxy S3-Instagram app

Instagram works  with Android versions 2.2 and above that support OpenGL ES 2 and free  custom designed filters and borders.


 2.      Samsung RemoteSamsung Remote :  Having Samsung kit you can now control Samsung TV and Blu-ray . Powered                                                        with full of features you can use this best app for Samsung galaxy S3 as remote for your Samsung TV.

Best App For Samsung Galaxy S3

The remote has full screen by default. To control the connected devices with ease three tabs are given at the bottom of the screen that assist in controlling the connected devices.


3. WiFi Shoot! WiFi Direct WiFi Shoot! WiFi Direct:  Now you can transmit photos or files directly between the android devices by WiFi shoot technology.  This new technology works faster than Bluetooth.  With this new shoot technology you can move files in GB with a matter of minutes.


Best App For Samsung Galaxy S3-WiFi shoot recceiving device             Best App For Samsung Galaxy S3-WiFi shoot button

WiFi shoot is very easy to use. Download the app on both of the devices, once downloaded the app icon will be displayed in share menu. Press the Wi Fi shoot button on the phone or tablet from which you want to send the file, before doing it  open the app on the receiving device and once both android device paired just tap on the shoot, file will be in your receiving device.


4.Onavo Extend  Onavo ExtendYou are worried about your usage of data plan. Onavo Extended solved it once for all weather your are in travelling or browsing 24*7 at home on Samsung Galaxy S3

Best App For Samsung Galaxy S3-onavo-extend

Onavo Extended compress your mobile data, without changing your data plan  you can engage more app activities, photo sharing, web browsing and more on 3/4G without breaking your data cap. This app also help you in roaming plan and saves your bucks. Optimize the pictures while sharing them on 3/4G,  gives the figures how data you use when you share photo. For app transparency this app allows you to monitor easily how much data you saved  by this app.

5. SkypeSkype:  It matters hardly where you are, you can stay in touch with your loved ones

Best App For Samsung Galaxy S3-Skype app


This app allows you to make free voice or video call to anywhere. you can send your videos, pictures to your contacts. on Skype you can enjoy high quality sound when you call to any one. This app works on devices running   Android 2.2.  You can instant messages through this app.
















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