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For setting up a new business or to maintain a new business you required a lot of potential and new plans with existing strategies. It is very important to manage your business within the limited finances. If you have good plans and a pocketful of budget then you can sustain your business in the market.

    For this you need a special market expert which stays with you all the time and can rely on it for your business deals. There are lots of applications on the Android  Mobiles which is launched by the Android Authority. Thousands of applications are released everyday to make your work efficient and effortless. There are some special categories of applications which you find in the Android devices such as Health, Business, Education, Gaming, Entertainment and many more… Some of the latest Business Applications which can be used in maintaining your firm and managing it with limited finances are;

  1. Office Suite Pro 6: It is a special business app which helps you in your business and can be managed easily. It is a latest app which is launched on 12th November, 2012 by Mobi Systems. You can view all your documents and if you need you can also make edits and print your office documents on the move. In you can view all the Word, Excel, PDF and HD files anywhere. It has some features like Drop Box, Sugar Sync, Google Drive and Sky Drive. It is the most downloaded app with all the Android operators. Some features of Office Suite are;

                                                             I.            It can view and print all your files.

                                                             II.            It can convert your word and excel into PDF files.                                                   

                                                           III.            It will check your files with the spellings with spell check.

      2. Printer Share:  This is the latest app for business in the market which is very useful for your business. By this app you can print all your documents, mails, messages and photos. You can view your files in the PDF form and even can download your files as it works in a simple way. Some features of this app are;

                                                           I.            It can print your files from the internet if you are using Wi-Fi connection.

                                                          II.            It can also share your files with your other contacts.      

                                                       III.            You can print unlimited pages and can browse internet for your business.

    3. Quick Books:  It is the application which has a lot of tasks done on the move. By this app you can manage your transactions, sales receipts, bills and payments. It is very easy to use and can manage different tasks. You can keep a track of your business and finances with the help of this app. Some of the features of this app are;

I.            You can manage your credit and email services.

II.            You can also manage your transactions and pay your bills on the move.

III.            You can record your payments and sales receipts and can estimate your accounts.

These are the latest apps which can be used in your business to handle tasks and to maintain your business within your budgets. For this you need to have an Android device and if you wish you can also get benefited with these apps and if you think that you are lacking with funds then you can opt for cash loans UK as it is the instant form of loan and can get it without any contracts and deposits.

  About the Author: Emily is a regular financial blogger who loves to share her interest on the web. Hailing from financial industry, some of her published works are available at financeport

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