The Hidden Security Settings In iOS 12

The Hidden Security Settings In iOS 12

Apple iOS 12 has come out with the new software for iPad and iPhone along with a bunch of new security and privacy features.

Here is how you can take the advantage of new privacy and  Hidden security features to protect your data from hackers.


Turn On USB Restricting Mode

Apple iOS 12

This feature prevents any accessories from connecting to your Apple device when your device has been locked for more than one hour. This prevents hackers from bypassing the lock screen.

Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and type in your passcode. Then, scroll down and ensure that USB Accessories are not permitted on the lock screen, so make sure the setting is Off. (On an iPhone X, check yourFace ID settings instead.)

Turn On iOS Automatic Updates

iOS 12 setting

iOS 12 will update your device behind the scenes but make sure to turn it ON

Go to settings > General > Software Update and turn on automatic updates.

Set a Stronger Password

iOS 12 setting

iOS 12 has improved the digit code. Now you can set any number-only code.

Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and enter your passcode. Then, go to Change password and, from the options, set a Custom Numeric Code.


Two-Factor Authentications

iOS 12 setting

Two-Factor Authentication can be frustrating and annoying. But iOS new feature allows the code to be auto-filled.

You may be asked during set up to switch the feature ON or You can go to Settings and tap your name, then go to Password and Security. Just tap Turn on Two-Factor Authentication and follow the instructions.

Change Your Reused Passwords

iOS 12 setting

iOS 12 password manager has a new password auditing feature. It warns you to change the same password for multiple sites. This Prevents the credential stuffing.

Go to Settings >Passwords & Accounts> Website & App Passwords and enter your passcode. A warning symbol will be shown next to each account that recognizes a reused password. Tap the Change Password on Website button  and you’re done

Source |  Techcrunch

Image Source |  Techcrunch

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